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Mapquest Driving Directions

Mapquest Driving Directions and other Driving Directions services are definitely useful in modern times. With the advent of technology, we now have access to various tools and apps that can provide us with real-time directions, traffic updates, and alternate routes to help us navigate through unfamiliar areas.

History of Mapquest Driving Directions

MapQuest is a mapping service that was launched in 1966 and became the first commercial web mapping service. MapQuest is like a Google Map that provides finding roads and locations.
MapQuest produced its first printed map in 1967 and distributed it for free at gas stations. According to an estimate, the company produces more than 1.5 billion printed maps per year, an amazing number of maps from 1967 to 2006.

Despite being the first mover and becoming popular fast when released and supported by market leader AOL, MapQuest still went bankrupt and was undisclosed in 2007.
The main reason for failure is the intense competition with Google and the pressure of investment from Google for Google Maps. In this case, AOL did not want to invest the time and money needed for MapQuest.

When comparing MapQuest with other similar mapping types, it’s not hard to realize MapQuest is unchanging and stable, while interesting new users like Google Maps or Apple Maps can be installed on smartphones and updated.

The ups and downs of MQ from its beginning in 1966 to its conclusion in 2007 are evidence of strong competition in business and the run of technology. If static, the new network will be replaced immediately.

However, don’t worry about the MapQuest Driving Directions; it is still effective and a new update for service online users with many functions that are flexible and useful.

Service and program

Now, the MapQuests mapping system uses TomTom's service. MapQuest provides some detailed and expanded functions to determine location, detailed streets, and driving directions in your country. Users also save the place, share, and print.

MapQuest is currently a free mobile app, allowing download on Android or IOS with new features such as POI search, voice-guided navigation, and real-time traffic... It has a friendly home page and a useful website that can be accessed everywhere.

MapQuest also concerns itself with the experience of customers by improving features such as nearby gas prices, the nearby bus stop, the fastest way, avoiding traffic jams, etc.

MapQuest Data helps make itself unique by guiding the user directly from the entrance of a position or beginning place to a destination, saving time on the road and while moving.

Allowing up to 26 points in each route is a plus because not all of the maps can now have a wide range of data and cover all the places in one route. Other apps usually allow 6 to 9 points.


One of the new features of MapQuest Driving Directions is the box search. Whatever the location you want to go to, the restaurant is attractive to you, but you don’t remember the hotel, the carport, the park... MapQuest will get you there in a little time. The success of MapQuest comes from the reality of traffic moving on the road. It helps users can easier to determine the needed time to move. 

You don’t need to remember the exact place; enter as much information as you know and MapQuest will bring the result to you in the fastest time. It is one of the best features for users on MQ.
MapQuest allows you to choose up to 26 directions for each route. Direction options also allow you to choose the road types and avoid obstacles such as toll roads, seasonal roads, and highways (less than or more than 200 miles)...

Another feature is My Map, which is where you save and share the map, collect directions you have gone, note and comment, or just find an easier place you like when you want to come back.

Finally, if you want to share your location with friends or save directions on your phone, MapQuest Driving Directions will help you save and print it so you can share it easily. You can download MapQuest on the phone to print and send directions.

Comparison with Google Map

MapQuest is received many confirm about its pathfinding capability is weaker than Google Maps when it realizes exact directions, but MapQuest is concentrating on the feature people are concerned such as one-click navigation near the point of interest, gas prices on a day, or gas estimates you need for your trip, local temple …

It’s hard to compare them to find which is the better map because each map has its features and services with a lot of hope for guests.

In MapQuest, you can use it online, not download it to your smartphone, and don’t waste GB. So you can use it anywhere you want just by having the internet.

It’s also convenient in many cases if you go far and need to base the gas estimate on the route or the weather at the destination. That is the reason why it is very welcome by travelers or tourists, who usually go to other places.

MapQuest Driving Directions is like its name in that it concerns driving direction, the point on the route, and has features on it. In addition, MQ has graphics that are eye-catching about the streets, bus stops, gas stations,... all the places you need in your route, so you can find out the best way to go faster than GG Map.


Launched in 1996, MapQuest is the leading provider of mapping services on the Internet. In its first year of development, MapQuest has achieved much success in this land of maps with its features and useful services. However, when Google Maps and other mobile maps on smartphones appeared, MapQuest couldn't protect its market and sold out in 2007.

Today, although MapQuest still faces competition from Google Maps, Apple Maps, and many other map types, it is outstanding at improving the mapping service for road trips and simple routes. The main features of MapQuest Driving Direction are real-time traffic direction, point of interest search, hotel booking, and other features such as gas estimate, obstacle avoidance, gas nearby, saving destinations, printing, and sharing directions.

You can search for a nearby hotel, restaurant, or every other place you want. MapQuest determines the best way to provide real-time traffic checks and turn-by-turn navigation. If you are finding online mapping for your trip or searching for information about the destination, MapQuest Driving Directions will provide all of them for free.

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